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Who We Are

"Cowboy" churches are certainly different than most churches, and among cowboy churches, the Cowboy Heritage Church is certainly not your typical cowboy church.


The Cowboy Heritage Church originally was conceived to reach folks in the suburban and urban areas who came from a more rural western heritage, such as the ranching and farming community. The goal was to give them a place to worship that differed from the mega-churches or those which had grown stuffy, legalistic, and stale, or those that had just become social clubs led by feel good preachers.


It has since grown into a church that looks more like the first churches recorded in the Book of Acts. The churches of the first century were typically small, tight knit groups that worshiped as a family. We have country folk, city folk and suburbanites who worship together and have a heart to serve Jesus.


We are a non-denominational "Bible" Church. We are dispensational, pre-millennial, pre-tribulational, and believe, preach, and teach Grace Theology... Jesus Christ - crucified, buried, risen, and returning for His church - who will rule eternally at His "Glorious Appearing"!


We make an unapologetic stand with the people and nation of Israel, for they are still God's chosen in an unbreakable covenant relationship with Him. His promises are irrevocable. We preach and teach the prophetic scriptures, and believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ for his Bride, the true church.


We understand Christ gave us a mission to accomplish (Matthew 28:19&20), and a command to follow (Mark 12:29-31). Our goal is to grow spiritually both personally and corporately through Bible Study and discipleship.


We invite you to join us as we "follow hard" after Jesus Christ, studying His Word, and listening for His call to His Bride. Even So Come Lord Jesus!

Join us!


Worship Service at 10am


Men's Bible Study 6:30pm 

Women's Bible Study
at 7:00 pm

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Cowboy Heritage Church

701 E. Dallas Rd.

Grapevine, TX 76051

(682) 223-1132

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